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Nothing endures but change.
Heraclitus (540 BC - 480 BC).

By LJ Roberts

Last year MindData successfully completed the software applications of the MindData Attitude Indexes. Available on CD-ROM, this medium took pencil and paper tests (as used and proven by American businesses over the last thirty years) to a new level of application and ease of use.

This year we continue with our commitment to improve and truly be "The Employers Ultimate Resource." During the month of February you will notice several changes right here on our web site.

We have redesigned our content for easier navigation. We want you to find what you are looking for more than we want to talk about ourselves. In response to visitor requests, we are also increasing the extent and value of articles and surveys found on our home page.

New additions to our menu bar come from the web-based order process. Consistent with leading e-commerce sites, we have included direct links to Your Shopping Cart and Your Account. These links will become fully active in the early part of February when we bring the full order process online.

At the same time, the format and detail provided on our product pages moves to a catalog style. There are two simple reasons for this. First, we want an integrated appearance for our web site (this look also ties into the new web-based order process). Second, we want to introduce a format that allows for the steady addition of new and improved products to better meet your needs.

Our move to CD-ROM format was done both for your convenience and for us to establish critical data paths toward completion of our transition from a software developer of attitude and testing programs to a multi-product Application Service Provider (ASP). "Our clients can now buy, securely administer, and evaluate job candidates over the Internet. They can also manage and retrieve all data, send reports, and access client support around the clock and around the globe. Traditionally encountered restrictions of time and travel costs, distance recruiting and testing have been dramatically reduced."

In early April 2001, visitors to our web site experienced the introduction of our "Administration Center." This feature of our web site allows clients to set-up participants for completion of MindData questionnaires, manage their account, and effect all aspects of administration, report generation and data retrieval. Authorized test takers (participants) can input responses (24/7) to dedicated questionnaires which are auto-evaluated and entered to the Client data bank immediately on completion. In the same time frame that a single candidate might be interviewed over the phone, multiple applicants can now be screened. Finding the most appropriate person to fill any position has never been made so easy, so cost efficient and so quick. As with all communication to/from our web site, the data transfers will be secured.

As a full service ASP provider of attitude, aptitude and competency testing, we will be the first in our industry to provide this level of service. In terms of quality of product, accuracy of results, cost efficiency and in speed of application, we intend to remain that way. Typically, ASPs are third-party entities that manage and distribute software-based services and solutions to customers across a wide area network from a central data center. Since MindData is also the developer of our product, our added uniqueness brings you in direct contact with the "inventors," something that is almost impossible to find in an industry of distributors.

While we are implementing these changes we welcome your observations and suggestions. Our web site and web services are being developed for you and only with your help can we continue to change and improve!

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LJ Roberts is President, and a co-founder with Dr. David Pearson of MindData Systems, Ltd. Under Mr. Roberts' leadership MindData has taken services, typically provided as paper and pencil assessment tools, to the Internet and established one of America's first vertical Human Resources Application Service Providers. During his twenty-year career in both operations and sales management. Prior to MindData, LJ Roberts fulfilled several senior executive functions. He served as COO of Certified Systems Inc. (a top ranked Professional Employer Organization), Mr. Roberts has also served on the Board of Directors for the National Association for Alternative Staffing (NAAS).

The opinions expressed in articles by this author do not necessarily represent the opinions of MindData. These articles are provided as a means of informing you of current events and opinions that impact employers and the workplace.

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