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MindData: today's team building tools

for knowledge recruitment and informed human resource decisions

By Robert Fox, D.Phil.

The top 10 reasons why MindData is fast becoming the preferred team building tool for employers, recruiters, consultants, and HR professionals everywhere.

1. Work place related. Not adapted from clinical or any other application.
MindData was written strictly for business application with relevance for multiple levels of employment and responsibility.


Written to the letter of the law.
Developed by an actual author of the EEOC Uniform Guidelines on Employee Hiring Procedures, MindData's core programs have the exclusive distinction of involvement in a federal court's adjudication process -- which found them to be in full compliance with all governing regulations


Over 30 years' validation.
Since the early 1970s, major American organizations have relied on MindData's Attitude Indexes in their original pencil & paper format to accurately identify the best of the best. With the same validation, these tools can now be administered 24/7 via the World Wide Web.


Multiple built-in benefits. No add ons!
Employers discover the real person behind a resume before making hiring or promotion decisions.

Companies match the characteristics of high performers with new recruits to build increasingly stronger teams.

Consultants and mediators use MindData evaluations for greater awareness of individual traits.

Recruiters use MindData's detailed reports for more insightful and decisive interviewing.

Managers use MindData for insight into employee strengths and weaknesses, and to make more productive and lasting personnel decisions.


No expensive up-front costs to buy software and dedicated hardware.
Over the web-there's no hardware of dedicated software required to administer or complete MindData's evaluations.


You don't need technical staff.
With no software involved, there's no need for IT or other tecs to load and back-up software and to monitor and maintain high cost hardware.

MindData handles all maintenance and data storage for you in our high security web hosting center.


No added consulting, training, certification required. Application does not require monitoring.
MindData's applications do not involve lengthy, difficult implementation processes or intensive training.

From purchase to implementation and final reports, you can do it all with one stop on the web.

If you need any guidance at all you can get it immediately - from the User Guides, over the Internet, or by phone.


No need for infrequent and time-consuming software updates.
MindData updates are frequent, seamless, and completely automatic.


Use is not limited to office hours and dedicated equipment.
MindData allows you to set-up administration, have evaluations completed, and securely review reports around the clock, any day of the week, anywhere in the world where there is a connection to the Internet.


You can realize the ultimate economy.
As a web-based resource, you need only pay for a MindData evaluation for it when you use it.

MindData: helping you make fast, affordable, and insightful personnel decisions for better teams.

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British born and educated, Mr. Fox is a creative marketing professional with over 30 years national and international experience. He has successfully developed concepts for many globally recognized organizations including Dow Jones (The Wall Street Journal, and Barron's), Readers Digest International, Seagrams, Laura Ashley, Polygram, Coca-Cola Southwest, Westinghouse, General Electric, Comsat, Kimberly-Clark, and Oki telecom. His awards include Clios and a Leon D'Argent from Cannes. An Executive Vice President of MindData, Mr. Fox is also a co-founder of the Cambridge, Massachusetts design firm of Fox/Turnbull, and a co-founder and partner in RMCo, a Dallas-based rich media Internet company. Robert Fox

The opinions expressed in articles by this author do not necessarily represent the opinions of MindData. These articles are provided as a means of informing you of current events and opinions that impact employers and the workplace.

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