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What is an ASP and how can it help you?

MindData: a Vertical, Human Resources, Application Service Provider (ASP)

Robert Fox

ASPs have come along just in time. Very simply, an ASP allows software to be accessed on an "as needed" basis via the World Wide Web. No installation, no maintenance, no costly hardware or updates are required. Anyone, from small companies to individuals, can now affordably and immediately access valuable programs -- whose prior cost and labor-intensive nature previously made them the almost exclusive prerogative of major corporations.

Of primary value are the products and services of Human Resource ASPs like MindData. With relevance for any economy, boom or bust, the need for employees is a constant. Without people, the right people, business could never survive. In a strong economy, the need to quickly identify and retain premium talent is a must. In a recession, companies are most concerned with not losing their best employees, and job seekers do everything to ensure their best qualities are clearly visible. MindData's web-based evaluations help employers quickly and inexpensively resolve critical hiring and retention challenges, and assist job seekers in more quickly finding a "perfect fit."

A recent poll of Workforce magazine's more than 53,000 readers showed 45% planning to add "more efficient" systems as a means of realizing long-term cost savings, 42% intending to add new programs to assist in recognizing top performers to drive business results, and 39% professing, as "world class" companies, to never cease in recruitment of the best available talent.

MindData affords savvy companies all the benefits of proven reliable and ethically sound HR tools, plus the economies of 24/7 Internet convenience and immediate turnaround -- all without the need for software, hardware, training or certification.

In the worst of times, with tens of thousands of layoffs occurring daily, the right team is critical to staying in business. With a constantly widening pool of talent from which to select, locating the perfect fit for any team becomes the proverbial search for a needle in a haystack. While failing to locate the needle may be unlucky, an actual hiring error can be fatal. Very simply, the wrong selection can ruin both team and business. MindData's web-based applications can be used to quickly and accurately locate the brightest needle, irrespective of haystack size.

During a recession, MindData is used not only to help retain the best employees but, through the program's built-in group norms and comparative analysis tools, to also create very clear pictures of the type of personalities best suited to each team and individual challenge. Then, the second the tide turns, the companies with this degree of knowledge management are the ones most likely to be rewarded with the pick of the crop.

In the best of times, corporate growth and team building become critical issues. With core teams of proven employees as benchmarks, MindData's products can be used to mirror those models when making new employee selections. Building on strength, through fast and accurate candidate selection is where MindData helps a client to stay ahead of the competition.

In summary, MindData provides two essential elements with validity for any job market or economy.
1.  A broad product line:
Ranging from the essential MDAI (MindData Attitude Indexes) suite of MD/180, MD/100, MD/40, and the MD/Self Evaluation, through basic skills testing MD/Word and MD/Math, to competency and emotional intelligence indicators, MD/Sales, MD/Leadership, and MD/Customer Service. MindData's products and services can be updated and enhanced without any need to re-issue software or reliance on expensive inventory.

2.  A unique Application Service Provider (ASP) platform:
MindData's web-based product delivery, offers affordable and immediate administration of multiple, simultaneous evaluations in less time than any single, conventional interview. The time and cost efficiencies, afforded by MindData's vertical ASP platform, broaden the use of its applications and increase market penetration to include use by much smaller companies than just the typical, large corporate user of psychological and aptitude testing programs.

From its ASP platform, MindData is ideally positioned to develop, or acquire and adapt, additional product for rapid web-based deployment. Without the significant reliance on inventory of nearly all competitors, MindData has both more flexibility and a faster time to market for any new programs. In a market littered with fallen "dot coms" and e-commerce sites, it is essential to make a distinction between businesses who rely on the web to expedite customers and those, like MindData, who use the web to expedite delivery. MindData is neither a .com nor an e-commerce site, MindData is a vertical, pure play ASP focused on delivery of Human Resource related products and services.

With more and more companies realizing the benefits offered by ASPs, MindData ties right into web-based recruitment, job boards and all online application processes. In an economy where budgets are being cut, and identifying ideal recruits from an ever widening pool of available talent becomes more labor intensive, the cost and time efficiencies afforded by MindData's ASP platform are significant.

With MindData, the time to market is immediate, and the relevance constant.

MindData Systems. Ltd., is located in Dallas, Texas. The company specializes in the development and web-based application of evaluation programs for employers and job seekers to assist in placement and career advancement within any type of organization. Please see the company's web site:

For more information:


ASPs: Long Term Application = Long Term Value
From an analyst's perspective, ASPs -- especially those like MindData that address vertical markets -- have a much more certain prospect for growth and increasing validity.

National & Global ASP Projections:
The promises of the ASP market are very compelling and include the prospects of new channels, new revenues, fast growth, higher profits and Internet valuations. Today's ASP market has emerged from virtual non-existence just over a year ago, and vendors from all over the technology industry are rushing to reap its rewards.
  • The global ASP Market is forecasted to grow from US $6 billion in 2001 (Forrester), to US $23 billion in 2003 (Gartner Group/Dataquest and others), and to US $44 billion in 2004 (Ovum).

  • "By 2003 Cahners In-Stat Group estimates that 40% to 55% of US employees online will utilize some sort of online computing service from an ASP." "Shortly after the turn of the century, millions of US employees are expected to consider Internet-based applications part of their daily ritual."- (Cahners, 1999)

  • "Analysts say business needs will drive the growth of nascent application hosting services, which researcher Dataquest said projects will grow at a compounded rate of 90 percent per year, to $22.7 billion, through 2003." (from:

  • A market survey, commissioned last year by the ASP Industry Consortium and conducted by Ovum, clearly showed two-thirds of businesses and organizations in the UK and Germany expected to purchase application services from an ASP over the next 18 months. One-quarter of the companies contacted by Ovum stated they are already using ASPs for payroll, web site, and e-mail applications.

  • British born and educated, Mr. Fox is a creative marketing professional with over 30 years national and international experience. He has successfully developed concepts for many globally recognized organizations including Dow Jones (The Wall Street Journal, and Barron's), Readers Digest International, Seagrams, Laura Ashley, Polygram, Coca-Cola Southwest, Westinghouse, General Electric, Comsat, Kimberly-Clark, and Oki telecom. His awards include Clios and a Leon D'Argent from Cannes. An Executive Vice President of MindData, Mr. Fox is also a co-founder of the Cambridge, Massachusetts design firm of Fox/Turnbull, and a co-founder and partner in RMCo, a Dallas-based rich media Internet company. Robert Fox

    The opinions expressed in articles by this author do not necessarily represent the opinions of MindData. These articles are provided as a means of informing you of current events and opinions that impact employers and the workplace.

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