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how job seekers can get noticed fast!!

MindData reinvents the American resume -- empowering job seekers with a tool to "get noticed" and employers with information to expedite HR decisions

By Robert Fox, D.Phil.

To stand-out in today's job market, it is no longer enough to just send a few sheets of paper listing past employers and others from whom a good report is a sure thing. To distinguish themselves, job seekers have to actively help employers quickly make the best hiring decision from what may be thousands of applications for one position alone.

Think about the piles of differently formatted resumes and lengthy e-mails, making fast assessment and quick comparisons an almost endless task. Even when an employer has selected what on paper appear to be the best candidates, they are still no closer to knowing job seekers as real people. Now, imagine...
...A streamlined application for a job. One that answers all the required questions and comes immediately, via the internet, with a reliable, accurate, and verifiable, third-party attitude evaluation already attached.

...The positive reaction of employers who find a major part of the screening process completed for them.

...The impression made by forthrightly offering a report that allows instant, apples-to-apples comparison of key, work-related attitudes with specific job expectations and core corporate values.

MindData is revolutionizing the way people request and submit job applications. By attaching a hyperlink to a MD/Self Evaluation report, at the same time a resume is sent, job seekers can now immediately draw themselves to the attention of employers, speeding up the appraisal and selection process, and saving all parties time and money.

The ethics and the value of MindData's business-originated evaluations have long been established. The difference to be made to applications of tomorrow -- for job seekers and employers -- is spearheaded by the affordable, web-based MD/Self that can be completed in as few as 12 minutes, 24/7, via an Internet connection anywhere in the world.

With the ability to complete any one of several different questionnaires online, what is being introduced by MindData today could well become the standard for all future job applications.

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British born and educated, Mr. Fox is a creative marketing professional with over 30 years national and international experience. He has successfully developed concepts for many globally recognized organizations including Dow Jones (The Wall Street Journal, and Barron's), Readers Digest International, Seagrams, Laura Ashley, Polygram, Coca-Cola Southwest, Westinghouse, General Electric, Comsat, Kimberly-Clark, and Oki telecom. His awards include Clios and a Leon D'Argent from Cannes. An Executive Vice President of MindData, Mr. Fox is also a co-founder of the Cambridge, Massachusetts design firm of Fox/Turnbull, and a co-founder and partner in RMCo, a Dallas-based rich media Internet company. Robert Fox

The opinions expressed in articles by this author do not necessarily represent the opinions of MindData. These articles are provided as a means of informing you of current events and opinions that impact employers and the workplace.

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