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Psychological testing
outperformed all other
methods of assessing

Extract from: Harvard Management Update 10/98

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Tools for Team Builders
(Questionnaires available in English, Spanish, or French*)

MindData's products are the perfect "team building" tools. Administrators and participants can log-on 24/7 anywhere there is an Internet connection. From purchase to evaluation report it's a one stop process.

With MindData, employers can compare mind sets, measure basic skills, or match the characteristics that typify high performers. Job seekers can learn more of how they may be perceived, enhance their resumes, and improve their chances of finding lasting employment with a "perfect fit."

Since all MindData products are web-based, product updates and improvements are often made, and new products are frequently introduced. We welcome your comments and suggestions for new products or product enhancements.

*Other languages available on request
MindData Attitude Indexes:

The first round tool for narrowing down searches.
100 questions, evaluating 10 key characteristics.
Approximately 12 minutes to complete.

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Determine the "perfect fit."
180 questions, evaluating 20 key characteristics.
An in-depth tool providing detailed analysis.

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For Job Seekers, the perfect way to finding
the right place on the right team faster.

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