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    Confirm Final Selections

    MindData Attitude Index 180 (MD/180) is an ideal
    confirmation device when used in combination with
    MD/100. It is the ultimate instrument for screening
    candidates for positions such as supervisors, sales
    associates, and other positions of particular
    importance to any organization.

    "Psychological tests can also give a sense as to
    how a prospective employee would fare within an
    company's culture."
    Harvard Business Review July-August 1999

    MD/180 is a reliable and accurate instrument for
    finding, recruiting, and/or promoting the perfect fit.

    MindData Attitude Index 180 (MD/180) is a
    comprehensive psychological profiling instrument,
    measuring 20 key behavioral tendencies found in
    all individuals. These 20 key character traits reveal
    invaluable insights into the participant's probable
    behavior before the decision to hire or promote
    is made.

    Match Core Values
    Any organization's success is a direct reflection of the
    qualities of its employees. The MindData Attitude
    Indexes (MD/100 and MD/180) provide employers with
    ethical and accurate tools for matching job candidates
    to the dominant characteristics of your current high
    performers. With MindData, organizations can build an
    increasingly productive workforce of people with similar
    minds and work ethics.

    Gain Insight
    The MD/180 reveals a participant's propensity for:
  • Adaptability - ability to accept new ideas or
  • Aggressiveness - the degree to which wants or
    demands are made known.
  • Anxiety - the degree of concern as a motivator
    or a hindrance.
  • Commitment - the extent to which promises may be
    reliably kept.
  • Compassion - the level of concern or disinterest
    in the needs of others.
  • Compliance - the tendency to resist or obey rules
    and regulations.
  • Concentration - the ability to concentrate on a task
    despite distractions.
  • Decisiveness - tendency to make decisions or avoid
  • Determination - degree of stick-to-itiveness to complete
    tasks regardless of obstacles.
  • Diplomacy - the level of communication -from diplomatic
    to blunt.
  • Drive - tendency to procrastinate or get things done
  • Ethics - a representation of one's value system.
  • Initiative - desire to take charge and accept responsibilities.
  • Meticulousness - degree of being careful or careless in
    carrying out a task.
  • Optimism - the level of optimism or pessimism.
  • Organizer - tendency to do tasks in an organized or
    spontaneous fashion.
  • Sensitivity - how one tends to accept criticism.
  • Sociability - the extent to which one enjoys or avoids
    dealing with others.
  • Stamina - level of desire and ability to put forth extra
  • Trust - degree of trust with respect to other's
  • Ultimate Approval
    The validation of MDAI programs in their original form
    has been adjudicated and approved by a federal court
    as meeting the stringent guidelines for testing outlined
    by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance
    Programs (OFCCP).

    MD/100 and MD/180 questions and narratives have
    been strictly designed and worded by a co-author of
    the EEOC Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection
    Procedures to be non-threatening and non-invasive of
    an individual's race, color, religion, gender, national
    origin, and right to privacy.

    Unique Features
    Both MD/100 and MD/180 contain statistical programs
    for creating norms according to multiple job profiles,
    contrasting high and low performers according to key
    characteristics. These norms may then be used as
    benchmarks when selecting job candidates for hire or

    "Creating alignment is essential," Jerry I.
    Porras, a Stanford Business School Professor
    and coauthor of Built to Last: Successful
    Habits of Visionary Companies.
    "It results
    from determining the five or six key behaviors
    we need in our people to realize our
    envisioned future."

    Harvard Business Review July-August 1999


    The questionnaire takes approximately 30 minutes to
    complete. At any time after the questionnaire is
    completed and the responses are entered into the
    MDAI program, the administrator can generate a
    complete profile in a matter of seconds.

    MD/180 is easily administered by either of the following

    The participant marks their responses to
    questions on the questionnaire provided
    from the program or the preprinted version.
    The profile administrator enters the Yes/No responses
    into the computer and a complete Participant Profile
    can be printed out in less than 2 minutes.

    The participant responds to the questions
    by clicking on a Yes or No button as the
    questions sequentially appear on a
    computer screen.

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