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    Identify the Best
    Employee Prospects

    Maximize time and minimize cost. MindData Attitude
    Index 100 (MD/100) is designed to accurately reflect
    core attitudes and values common to all individuals.
    Evaluating key job related traits, MD/100 provides
    evaluations for employers.

    MD/100 is ideal for making initial selections, large
    group comparisons, or for use on any occasion where
    time may be an issue. Spend less time interviewing,
    and reap the benefits from hiring the right candidate.

    "The fact is, the hiring process isn't very
    conducive to complete candor. People want to
    put their best selves forward..."
    Harvard Business Review July-August 1999

    The ability of MD/100 to quickly reveal accurate
    indications of work related attitudes is critical to any
    job appointment. The profiles generated are invaluable
    for insightful interviewing and for making initial
    candidate selections.

    Match Core Values
    Any organization's success is a direct reflection of the
    qualities of its employees. The MindData Attitude
    Indexes (MD/100 and MD/180) provide employers with
    ethical and accurate tools for matching job candidates
    to the dominant characteristics of your current high
    performers. With MindData, organizations can build an
    increasingly productive workforce of people with similar
    minds and work ethics.

    Gain Insight
    MD/100 identifies 10 essential, work-related,
    personality tendencies (including attitudes toward
    use of drugs, alcohol and theft). Employers receive a
    precise evaluation of any participants probable
    behavior as related to:
  • Aggressiveness - the degree to which wants or
    demands are made known.
  • Compassion - the level of concern or disinterest
    in the needs of others.
  • Compliance - the tendency to resist or obey
    rules and regulations.
  • Diplomacy - the level of communication -from
    diplomatic to blunt.
  • Concentration - the ability to concentrate on a
    task despite distraction.
  • Optimism - the level of optimism or pessimism.
  • Sensitivity - how criticism will be handled.
  • Commitment - the extent to which promises may
    be reliably kept.
  • Sociability - the extent to which one enjoys or
    avoids dealing with others.
  • Ethics - a representation of one's value system.
  • Ultimate Approval
    The validation of MDAI programs in their original form
    has been adjudicated and approved by a federal court
    as meeting the stringent guidelines for testing outlined
    by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
    (EEOC) and the Office of Federal Contract Compliance
    Programs (OFCCP).

    MD/100 and MD/180 questions and narratives have
    been strictly designed and worded by a co-author of
    the EEOC Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection
    Procedures to be non-threatening and non-invasive of
    an individual's race, color, religion, gender, national
    origin, and right to privacy.

    Unique Features
    Both MD/100 and MD/180 contain statistical programs
    for creating norms according to multiple job profiles,
    contrasting high and low performers according to key
    characteristics. These norms may then be used as
    benchmarks when selecting job candidates for hire or


    The questionnaire can take a participant as few as
    12 minutes to complete. The administrator can then
    generate profile results immediately.

    MD/100 is easily administered by either of the following

    The participant marks their responses to
    questions on the questionnaire provided
    from the program or the preprinted version.
    The profile administrator enters the Yes/ No responses
    into the computer and a complete Participant Profile
    can be printed out in less than 2 minutes.

    The participant responds to the questions
    by clicking on a Yes or No button as the
    questions sequentially appear on a
    computer screen. The administrator may choose to
    print immediately or later.

    Product Guarantee
    Legal Opinion

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