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The Results from a recent MindData survey:

Which is your favorite HR web site and why?

The following websites were recognized. Noted next to the web site are comments from those individuals responding to the survey.

  1. "This is the site for the Society for Human Resource Management. I find that it has a lot of useful HR information and resources."

  2. "If you want to know the going rate for a certain job in a particular city, you'll find it here."

  3. "When I need to fill a job position I post almost every opening on I can also search through a database of qualified resumes."

  4. "...its the best way to keep up with legal matters from the US Supreme court to the local courts, from IP Law to Employment Law."

  5. "I use it for HR news and Product Listing."

  6. "I can send to employees and clients everything from eBirthday cards to Thank You cards."

  7. "BNA is a leading publisher of print and electronic news and information. I use the web site, as well as subscribing to various publications they provide."

  8. "This is the site for The United States Department of Labor. You can obtain information for everything from laws and regulations to employment statistics."

  9. "This site is great for all you need to know about the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and Regulations."

  10. "I find this web site to be a single source for many major business related resources."
Thank you to everyone that responded to this survey.
Check back regularly for new survey's and informative results.

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