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MindData Systems, Ltd. - Dallas, TX.

The Employers Ultimate Resource

MindData Systems, Ltd. is a privately owned business with headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

The company was formed in 1998 to acquire, develop and market essential tools to aid in the recruitment, advancement and retention of high quality workforces.

The MindData ASP platform:
To improve on the delivery of these tools, and to expedite their application and subsequent data retrieval and analysis, MindData has developed an exceptional web-based platform. With the security and convenience of leading e-commerce sites, and the time and cost efficiencies of an Application Service Provider, MindData will offer comprehensive web-based services to clients on a global basis in the early part of 2001. (See: Building a Specialist ASP).

Through its web platform, MindData makes high quality programs, previously only cost effective for large organizations, available and affordable for all sizes and types of business. is designed to provide a unique model in the Human Resource industry for the rapid adaptation, sale and administration of high quality instruments via a single point of access.

In the interest of providing added value and relevant information for employers (and employees) MindData has designed the web site home page as a magazine forum. Qualified business professionals are invited to submit articles for consideration to

Highest Quality Products:
MindData actively researches additional products whose delivery could be improved via the company's web platform. In addition to Behavioral/Attitude instruments, MindData will market multiple Aptitude and Competency tests. In development are MD/Math,MD/Word, MD/Sales, and MD/Leadership. For the widest possible application, MindData provides English, French, and Spanish questionnaires. (Other languages are available on request.) Cross-cultural differences and comprehension are a key consideration when making any translation. If you would like to see a viable product or service brought to market via MindData's web platform, please contact

In keeping with the goal of truly becoming The Employers' Ultimate Resource, it is the company's intention to support this broad product platform with Educational/Improvement tools. MindData is pursuing several strategic partner opportunities to bring all clients the best web-based learning systems available. Proposals from companies interested in leveraging partner opportunities should be addressed to

Professional Resident Staff:
MindData is staffed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in human sciences, programming, international marketing and management.

MindData's first programs, the MindData Attitude Indexes (MDAI) are ultimately approved profiling tools originally developed by Dr. David W. Pearson, a leading behavioral scientist and psychologist. Dr. Pearson and his staff personally monitor all Attitude Index applications, continuing enhancements, and related new product development (MD/40 for first contact screening in conjunction with the MindData Automated Response System). In addition to his role as MindData's Chairman Emeritus, David W. Pearson also serves as a vital member of MindData's Product Acquisition & Development committee.

MindData, a member of the Association of Test Publishers, continues to add to a growing staff of qualified psychologists and test developers. This staff is supported by experienced software and web programmers who constantly improve the user experience with ongoing improvements at all points of product application. Additional counsel and professional critique is regularly sought from a wide network of professionals representing both the academic and business sectors. MindData is also very grateful to all those businesses and faculties who continue to participate in the company's beta programs. Organizations wishing to participate in beta testing, and benefit from experiencing products before they are brought to market, are encouraged to contact

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